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If you have been playing smashing four for a while now, chances are you are wondering what is the maximum level you can attain for your cards. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with an answer to that very question in this article.

The max level for all cards (common, rare & epic) is the same.  In the earlier versions of smashing four it was 12,14 & 16. But, now the max level is 18 for all cards in smashing four.

Even though the max level is same, in a recent update, smashing four made the starting level for rare, epic & common cards different. This made the gameplay really interesting & balanced. I can still remember when leveling up rare cards seemed like a nightmare, but post this update my decks have changed tremendously. You can check out the best decks i recommend for this update on the homepage.

Common Heroes – This is absolutely same, they begin at level 1 & the highest level for them is 18.
Rare Heroes – In this update they will start at level 3 & the highest level for them will be 18.
Epic Heroes – Keeping it balanced, epics start at level 5 & can be upgraded till 18.

max levels smashing four cards
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Cards required to Level Up –

Honestly, it would probably take more than a year to level up all your heroes to max level. Instead of bothering about that i would rather choose a deck i really love and try leveling that up. But, still it should be helpful if you know how many cards you require to reach level 18.

A similar change was made in the update for even the number of cards you require to level up your heroes. This is different for Epic, rare & Common cards.

Credits – By the Developer at –

As mentioned in the above image, it requires much lesser cards to level up epic heroes but they are more difficult to find in orbs or boxes. This makes the game balanced & more fun, in my opinion. 🙂

What is the quickest way to rank up & max your levels?

Like i said above, you should not be worried about maxing up levels. Just enjoy the game & follow the below tips. You should come up to 2500 trophies in around 3 months. But not to have myself misunderstood, levels are extremely important, all i mean is you will max out as you play. 🙂

  • Unlock Orbs Smartly – You should probably unlock the regular spheres during the day time, as it takes around 3 hours. And, remember to unlock rare or Unique orbs before you sleep. They take about 10+ hours to unlock. So, this should be perfect for you.
  • Dont waste your resources – Remember to choose a deck you find as the best & level up heroes in that deck as a priority, pre-plan for the next arena though. One more good idea is to choose the best overall decks in the smashing four & stick to them whenever you upgrade.
  • Enjoy!

We hope that this article was helpful for you. I am a big fan of smashing deck & try to give back to the community. Cheers xD

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